Monday, March 3, 2014

You Get What You Need

Needed to go pay my car insurance bill. Not a task I was looking forward to. And it was due today, of course. Procrastination at it's best! 

I pulled into the lot and parked. I noticed a little old lady parked next to me. Putting on her "rain hat" as my mom called them. Yes, my mother wore them. She got out of her car, moving slowly. I jumped out, heading towards the door, moving quickly. "Excuse me," she said, "would you help me?" She wanted my arm, to steady her as she walked towards the door. She'd had a bad night, she said, her back was bothering her. We moved slowly in the bitter cold, I reassured her to go at a pace she was comfortable at. 

We were both going to pay our bills. "Do you want me to wait for you?" I asked her. "That would be really nice," she said. So I did. And arm in arm, we walked out together. She told me, as we approached our cars how grateful she was that I arrived when I had. "Don't know what I'd have done without you." 

Lately I've been missing my mom so badly it's been hard to draw breath. I thought of this sweet little lady, she was someone's mom. I knew I'd be happy if someone helped my mom like this. Made me feel so good! I knew my mom put her in my path. She knew I needed this. Thanks Mom! I can breathe again! 


  1. Very sweet thing you did God bless you and the lady!

  2. Lovely story. God put you in her path today. When things like this happen sometimes the helper receives just what they needed also.

  3. And yes, you do feel good helping out others but mom's are always looking out for us even when they are no longer there. <3 That is called compassions!