Sunday, March 23, 2014

My life is going to the dogs....

Anyone who knows me, knows that I ADORE my two little Shih Tzus, Cody and Rusty. They are the best part of my day and there is nothing I wouldn't do for them. Lately, my role has become their personal chef! 

Some time ago, I had read that pumpkin and sweet potato were both very good for dogs. So I bought a can of pumpkin and some sweet potatoes. The pumpkin was hardly labor intensive, I only had to use a can opener. The sweet potatoes, however, I roasted and mashed. The pumpkin was a no-go. Sniffed and turned their noses right up. The mashed sweet potatoes were a hit-for a while, anyway. One day, they just turned against them. Back to square one. 

I longed for my beagle, Comet, who I lost last April. He would eat anything. And in about 30 seconds. The bowl was clean, nothing left. My two little guys are more grazers than eaters. They'll eat a few bites, walk around, chase a squirrel, eat a few more bites, chew a boney. Never early morning eaters, they much prefer brunch or lunch. What's wrong with plain kibble, you ask? Nothing. Except they won't eat it.

They prefer a mix-in. Liverwurst, roast beef, ham, turkey. Never, never plain kibble. And I need to be psychic to know which mix-in they prefer at that meal. Otherwise, noses up, sniff, sniff, walk away. A Shih Tzu is resolute in their dismissal. Sniff, sniff, done.

So I decided to revisit the sweet potato again. Cubed and boiled one, no way. Sniff, sniff, nope. Baked and mashed one. Cody ate a little. Rusty? Sniff, sniff, sitting up, saying, "I'm hungry!" No amount of begging, pleading, cajoling would get him to try the sweet potatoes again. 

I wanted to stand firm, I really did. I tried channeling my mother. She never made multiple dinners just because someone didn't like what she was serving. You didn't like it? Guess what, you didn't eat! I wanted to be like this, I did. But when I had the sweetest little face, staring up at me, sitting up in the cutest pose, begging for something to eat, my resolve crumbled. 

What did they end up with? Dearborn Honey Ham. Rusty scarfed practically the entire bowl! 

Shih Tzus : 1, mom : 0. One thing's for sure, it's never boring with these two around!

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  1. OMD I understand why you choose to make them home made meals, you want to know what ingredients are going into their foods and feel like a failure when you make something and they turn their noses up at it, but how could you resist that cute little one sitting up so pretty asking for food. Not I! Good luck, mine used to like broccoli and ice berg lettuce, so it was easy cause I love salads. <3