Sunday, May 4, 2014

Paying It Forward-Deliciously!

I'm a big fan of Paying It Forward. I feel like when a kindness is done to you, you must do one for someone else. Keep the momentum going. 

A couple summers ago, my dad and I purchased a beautiful, new, stainless gas grill. It had all the bells and whistles. It was a beast! I didn't worry about this as my dad was the primary griller. He was really good at it too! I can still see him, eyeballing the meat, cold beer in hand, waiting for the perfect moment of doneness! He always got it right!

Well, we only used it that one season, then my dad got sick and passed away. I couldn't even imagine hauling out that behemoth to grill for just myself. As luck would have it, my neighbor's grill gave up the ghost. They are that family that grills all the time, the aroma wafting deliciously into your yard. Eureka! I told them, "come over and get this grill. You'll get much more use out of it than me." And they sure have.

Today, my neighbor said, "we never discussed what amount you wanted for the grill." I said, "I don't want anything. You guys watch out for me, that means a lot." He graciously thanked me and went on cooking his food. About 10 minutes later, there was a knock at the door. His daughter was there with a plate filled with steak, shrimp, redskin potatoes and green beans! What a feast! And I no longer had to cook! Bonus!

I was overwhelmed by this kindness. I feel really blessed! I really believe people WANT to be kind, not uncaring or cold. Now it's my turn to Pay It Forward! I can't let this one pass by! 

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